Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer dresses...

I love to wear a sundress in the summertime and there are so many CUTE ones to choose from right now!
I bought 2 dress about 2 years ago at TJMaxx that were only $20 each and I have basically worn one of them out so much that I am on the search for one that is the same cut but different fabric.
I am currently eyeing these two from AE:

Although $40-50 is pretty steep for me to pay at this time. So I am searching elsewhere for a better price. May have to hit TJMaxx again!
I also found some really cute ones at don't try to find them in the stores, they don't have them. :(
Other sites to try for cute dresses are (sale/clearance section has 2 cute ones and

1 comment:

Kenya said...

I too love to wear sun dresses in the summer. Great finds.. You have awesome taste.

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