Monday, March 22, 2010

"Baby got back"

Do you resort to buying old lady (sorry), elastic waist jeans so that the waist will fit?  Do you have to wear a belt so that your waist won't gap in the back?  If you are like me and have a larger derierre/hips/thighs and have a hard time finding pants that fit in the hips and do not gap in the back of the waist....then look no further!!  I have found the Eddie Bauer makes a great jean and capri that are for us women with curves!!!  I have both the curvy jean and the capri and love them.  I don't even have to wear a belt.    Here are some links!


Rachel said...

I have a feeling I was part of the inspiration behind this and my old lady pants!! ;) Thanks for the info on the curvy jeans! I will definitely check these out!!

jules1219 said...

Glad I could help! ;)

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