Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on Patagonia dress...

The cute coral-colored dress that I ordered from Patagonia arrived yesterday. It is very cute.... love the garthering under the bust and the neckline is so flattering.  However, the reviews it was given online are accurate on the fit. It is definitely fitted through the bodice and all the way down to the hip but then flares out to an a-line shape. It is stretchy material so it hugs the midsection (not such a bad thing on me since that is one of my good parts and I have large hips). The top part is quite low-cut but is good for small-busted chicks like me. I will use some double-stick fashion tape and affix some bra inserts like these into the top and will be good to go. The back is too low to wear a strapless bra with it. Overall, very cute purchase!

Speaking of the bra inserts....if you are small busted these are definitely the way to go.  In the warmer months I wear them with all of my sundresses and also get some for your swimwear!  They add a cup size and allow us small-chested ladies to wear some tops that we could not normally wear.

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Deconstruction said...

Hi from SITS!

Good to know about that dress -- I remember seeing it recently and really liked it, but it sounds like it wouldn't work out well on me.

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