Thursday, June 24, 2010


No matter what I have on the accessories are what make it FUN!
I have on white cargos and a peasant top (sorry no pic of that as my camera stinks) with these items:

earrings - gifted from my mom.....bracelets - target....sandals - target last year

What accessories are YOU wearing today!??


Reagan said...

I'm such an accessory junkie!

Today it is studded strappy sandals, chunky brown/turquios/green necklace, beaded brown bracelet from Rwanda, and tiger eye dangly earrings!

Zenia Photography said...

Hi! I found your blog from a mom's blog directory. I wasn't able to find a way to contact you - so sorry for leaving a comment! :) I was wondering if you were interested in guest blogging on my blog (re: fashion). Let me know if you are interested. Please e-mail me for more details. Thank you!!!

jules1219 said...

zenia...thanks! I would love to but cannot seem to access your email. Let me know if you are still interested!

Shoeperwoman said...

I've just realised I'm not actually wearing any accessories today apart from my usual watch and rings, so this post is great inspiration for me to start wearing more! I'm terrible at accessorising, though - my house is approximatley the same size as a shoe box, so everything's tucked away, and I always forget to go looking for those extra little bits that can really make an outfit!

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