Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stuff I am loving for summer...

I have been searching for some gold sandals and finally found some at DSW.
They are these great STEVE MADDEN flat luggage-brown and gold sandals The link here is from NORDSTROM where they are on sale for even cheaper than I bought them at DSW.

Along the lines of my previous post....I love that they are neutral and will go with pretty much everything.  I got them to go with this sundress that has gold detailing on the straps. I love that they are not gold all over but just on the heel and a hint of gold across the ankle strap.

Another new love of mine is  LASH STILETTO waterproof mascara in Very Black. I have recently been experimenting with the "Smoky Eye" look for going out and wanted a mascara that was not going to run or flake.  This one delivers that and more!  It is definitely my new favorite mascara. I don't normally wear wateproof mascara but it is worth it now that I am at the pool and swimming a lot with my boys. No more racoon eyes for me! For summer makeup I like to wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, waterproof masacara and lip gloss.

Another love....White Leather Bags with Stud detailing....I found one today at TJMaxx for $24 very similar to the ones shown below:
White leather bags with stud detail
Nordstrom, Roxy, Kathy Van Zeeland

Another love is....PEOPLE STYLE WATCH magazine....just picked up a copy yesterday.
Especially loving their spreads on flat sandals, glabl print dresses, weekend getaway must-haves and cute cover-up ensembles!!  I have dog-eared the heck out of my copy and have already entered the STYLEWATCH GIVEAWAYS for a chance to win some really cool goodies!  Go get you a copy!


Reagan said...

Those sandals are so awesome!

b.a. said...

oooooh i love those sandals!
my name is bethany, and i am a sandalaholic.

jemina said...

i just perused your old posts too, and im so glad you left me a sweet comment on my blog, inspiring a stay at home mom to be chic and cool is definitely a PLUS in my book, love love love your blog, i am now a follower, love, j, xoxo

jules1219 said...

Thanks so much jemina!!! :)

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