Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesson learned : Buy it and try it

I was posed with a dilemna this weekend on which shoes I should buy to go with my LBD ruffly-front dress to go to my husbands 20th HS reunion in a few weeks.  I had previously worn it with gold sandals which I loved but were completely trashed the last time I wore them (how, I do not know).  I want to to make it more fall-ish so was looking for a pump or shoe that would segue this LBD over to this season.  I found two shoes at DSW that I just could not decide on.  I knew I would get some help from my friends if I posted this pic on Facebook.  Sure enough the comments came rolling in....Here are the shoes:

Everyone who commented chose the front ruffle-y shoe. 
Two friends suggested I buy them both and try them on with the dress. I am sure glad I did!

Although I loved the ruffle front ones the best too, they just did not look right with the dress.  The ruffles were just "too much" (my husbands words)....AND the fact that the ankle strap cut my leg-line off (can you say cankles?) and the others made my legs look better/longer was a definite deciding factor.  Not to mention (but I will) that the ruffle ones were $30 more and not comfortable at all.   So the gorgeous front ones are going back to DSW today and I am keeping the Madden Girl peep toes. They are so comfy (really!) - suede and patent - and will be great with all of my fall dressier pants and dresses too!
Here's the dress....
OH, and I got this cool purse from Francesca's

Now I just need to find a few jewelry items to accessorize and I am set!
Have a great day all!

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