Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can you pull off this look....?

Jorts (jean/denim shorts)......
Recently on Facebook there have been questions amongst "friends" whether grown men/women can/should be sporting jorts.  I have two sons and they had several pairs of jorts as babies.  Elastic waist, soft material, goes with any top.....  Like jeans, in the summer the jort was an easy go-to.  When boys get older though, it becomes less-cute and more....shall we say "out".  In other words....I'm pretty sure grown men should not be sporting the jort. 

Not even a celebrity male can pull off this look.
(That's hottie Mark Wahlberg....looking much less than hot.)

So I did some research to see if I could find some "classy" examples of jorts-wearing men.

Although these guys are pretty cute.....still not pulling it off..
Funny though! (Wouldn't a "Jorts party" be a riot!?!)

Closest thing to "classy" jean short for men are these chambray shorts from JCrew.
 (although my husband, for reasons I will refrain from mentioning, would not ever wear these either)

On to the ladies.....can you pull them off??
My answer is.....yes....BUT it depends on the fit, wash and length.
Some ladies can sport these ultra short ones (I wish I could). 

 But you have to have the legs/tush to do it right. 
In other words if you have cellulite and flab, skip the skimpy ones.

A more figure-friendly pair like these bemuda's from Old Navy may be better for someone who is over 35 and doesn't have model-perfect legs/body.

Another option is something in a "trouser" style and darker wash (from GAP shown below on top) or a chambray lighter material (also from the GAP shown below on bottom) that you can pair with some cute leg-lengthing wedges can be more age-appropriate and a classy alternative.

Or if you are really not wanting to show much leg...go for these cute cropped jeans...I like to call japri's! (I love the sash for a belt and would't these be cute with espadrilles and a white T?

Happy Summer!  Happy Jorts Shopping!


Jeanann said...

rLove it!!! Thanks for the tips.

allison.webb said...

Hi! Are you in the Fredericksburg area of VA? I LOVE your blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in speaking at my MOPS group sometime...??? Contact me if this is something you would consider:-). Hope to hear from you!

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