Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wardrobe essentials....

This is an edited version of my "handout" from the WNTW party:

Some articles of clothing that I think are essential to a womans’ wardrobe:

A great little black dress….or LBD. I have a LBD that I got from Target (Isaac Mizrahi). It was not the right size but it was only $20 and I had the whole thing altered to fit me. The tailoring cost more than the dress – but it was worth it!

A wrap dress – one for every season (sleeveless, shortsleeved, ¾ sleeved and/or long sleeved.) It seems to be a flattering silouette on just about everyone. For those of you who don't wear dresses and are wondering "where am I, the SAHM, going to wear this dress?" Out to dinner with your husband or friends, or to church is my answer. I find that I feel better about myself and my body when I dress up. If I am going going to have to kids that day I will wear a skirt or dress, why not??
Jeans that fit – skim over the hips and go straight down. Bootcut. Not many women can get away with the “skinny jean” - if you are skinny though, go for it! A trouser cut jean is flattering for most body types. These often will have a cuff or a hem that makes them dressier. The rise should not be so low that you are showing skin when your shirt rides up. The rise should also not be so high that you look like a dork. Dark washes are also flattering and slimming.

One thing the show “What Not to Wear” recommends is a structured jacket or blazer. They stress that it must button and have seaming and structure so as to create a waist or camouflage a tummy. I have a few of these and wear them out to dinner over a blouse with jeans.

Adding to it some SAHM essentials....In winter I wear a lot of corduroy pants. Same cut as a jean and they come in a variety of colors. Also a zip up vest in a bright color (I have red and lime green ones) looks really cute layered over a thermal long-sleeved T. This is basically my "uniform" when I teach pre-school or am spending time with my boys. In summer, capri pants and tank tops or T's with some cool slip on "Privo" sneakers (like the one's shown at the top of this post) for the playground. This is a great alternative to a sandal or flip-flop. Please don't wear your athletic workout shoes anywhere other than the gym or working out! This is just tacky. Not cute. There are too many cute, slip-on comfortable shoes out there now to be making this fashion mistake!!

On that note let me bring up shoes and accessories. I am of the belief that one can never have too many shoes or bags/purses. You can use shoes and purses to liven up a boring wardrobe. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on my leopard-print sling backs and/or my red flats. One of the things that Clinton (another WNTW reference) says is, and this is not a direct quote, that even if you are dressed perfectly from top to bottom if you have on a nasty pair of shoes with it your whole look is crap! It's just wrong.

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