Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Weekend or "mommy-on-the-go" Shoe

Piperlime has teamed up with GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy online and they have FREE shipping and FREE returns. My favorite mom-shoes (comfy, cute and practical for being out and about with two boys in tow) are what they are toting as "the weekend shoe". I especially like the mary-jane style with shorts or capris in the spring and summer. They slip on so no hands required. (No socks either!) PRIVO (the one in above picture is $90) and J-41 are two of my favorite brands in this style of shoe. They are pricey but wear well. I have had a pair of J-41's for 3 years now and still get compliments on them. They are a much more fashionable comfort shoe to wear at a theme-park or day outing with the family rather than the sneaker/running shoe and sock combo that I see often (and makes me cringe every time). I forget which fashionista said this (or something like it) but....You can be wearing the cutest most fashionable outfit but if your shoes are not rockin' it the whole thing sucks....that's my version anyway.

So, one of favorite stores, Target has some cute "Weekend/mommy shoes" that are way cheaper...granted I have not road tested these but if you want to spend less...WAY less (like $22 as opposed to $100) how about these...
or these

And remember - silver is a neutral so the ones above will go with just about anything!


TcH said...

those are all very cute.
too bad I didnt know about them last year when we went to Disney
I was one of the tennis/short people you talk about. But hey, I was comfortable and having fun with my family, and that was all that mattered. ;-)

I might have to buy these and book another trip. LOL

jules1219 said...

Haha! Love it! :) I am surprised though T, you are normally very fashion conscientious....gasp, tennis shoes! OH my! LOL

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