Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The "gladiator" sandal...

I swore that I would not buy some of these....I didn't think I liked them. But the more I see of them, the more they are growing on me. I think in a metallic finish or neutral they can be very practical and trendy at the same time.
So, now I need to figure out WHICH ones of the plethora out there, to actually purchase.
Piperlime has some really cute ones, under $60.

I am eyeing these...

Or these...

The cool thing to remember about Piperlime is - FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS.
Plus they are affiliated with GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic and now ATHLETA! I like that I can put stuff in my "shopping bag" without purchasing it and it saves it so that I can come back at another time and either delete or buy it then. Putting all of these stores under the same "shopping bag" is marketing genius. So convenient...too convenient.

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