Saturday, August 29, 2009

end of summer...

I have been absent from blogging for most of the summer. At the change of each season I love the anticipation of the different types of clothing one gets to wear. Putting away sandals soon to don flats and then boots in winter....putting away sundresses and pulling out the hoodies and cardigans....scarves! Although I do not embrace change in most things I always look forward to the change in season no matter what season it is changing into. I love perusing the plethora of new fall catalogs that arrive in my mailbox. I have to say I am a bit disappointed that a lot of the fall sweaters they are showing are so big and baggy. Who does this look good on? I believe that many women can't (or shouldn't try to) carry off the baggy sweater or "boyfriend" jean....including me. Dumpy and frumpy. Unless you are waif-thin and even then...still just not flattering. But that's just me....
On the INSTYLE website they list the 5 key wardrobe pieces for fall as....the bright coat, the cardigan, a day dress, white shirt, and leather jacket. One I am most excited about is the leather jacket. I love the hooded leather bomber jacket but cannot afford the GUESS $298 one (shown here):

 doing some research...GUESS who has a super cute hooded leather bomber jacket for only $30!!!????!!!!
That's favorite store, TARGET....for only $30!! (oh yeah, I already said that) Of course I am sure it's faux leather...but for a trendy piece, this is right up my alley!

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