Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall footwear

I received an inquiring email from a friend of mine today concerning one of my favorite subjects....SHOES! Love them, can't have enough of them. Heard a line in a song (I forget which song) the other day that goes something like...."gotta make enough lettuce to support my shoe fetish". So true.
Anyway...the question my friend had was about shoes to wear in the fall when it is not freezing yet but can be wet and sometimes cold but sometimes not. You get the idea. Plus, she's a mom so it needs to be functional when running around with two small kids.
Here's my advice.....a cute, sporty flat type shoe will work...but please don't wear these with's just tacky!

If it is too cold for a shoe without a sock then wear something along the lines of these:

(A SIDE NOTE - Both of the above pairs are PRIVOS by Clarks which tend to run wider/larger...I buy my size and then put a gel insert in them and then they fit perfectly. Or wear a thick sock with the second pair and your golden!)

I also love a cute flat with jeans in the fall. (No socks!!) Still loving the animal prints like these:

And a metallic can go with anything (it's considered a neutral) so they are very practical and fashionable at the same time:

Getting a jump-start on winter?
When looking for boots for trudging around in cold/snowy weather with kids in tow look for sporty and comfortable.
Something along the line of these....

or these

or maybe these



KK said...

Kelly Pickler has a song that says "spread my ashes in the shoe department, everybody knows that's where I want to be" So true! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Anonymous said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :)

Love, love, love shoes. Not crazy about boots in general... but living in the midwest requires them! I love your boot picks, not too bulky, perfect!

Outnumbered Mama said...

Love the tan clark's thanks for sharing. And thanks for pointing out when socks are ok and when they aren't! Just the sort of advice i need!

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