Sunday, September 20, 2009


at these KICKIN' red shoes I scored on!!!!

I bought a grey sweaterdress at Old Navy last week and thought they would look good with it and tights. It looks similar to this one but in grey and more of an A-line shape.

I think the dress needs a belt.
I am debating on whether I go with a wide belt or a skinny one....thoughts?


TcH said...


jewelstreet said...

Those are seriously awesome shoes! I want some.

Definitely a wide belt. Though one of those extra long skinny belts would also be pretty especially if you were having one of those water retention days. TMI?

Ms Bibi said...

Love the shoes

jules1219 said...

Thanks ladies...I went with a wide belt. Scored one from TARGET - it is wide with two buckles.

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