Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping the WWW

As a part-time teacher and full-time mom without a lot of time to troop around to the mall, I have learned to shop the "web" fairly well.
Here are a few sites that I find myself returning to often:

For clothing, shoes and accessories: – this site will direct you to not only Banana Republic but also Old Navy, GAP, Piperlime shoes and Athleta (which has the best yoga-wear out there). It is very handy to be able to search for what you are looking for and put things in your “shopping bag” from all of these stores at one time! Plus a flat-rate shipping fee of $7!! - this is a “members only” site (you have to be recommended by a friend and sometimes there is a wait-list to join) but they have great deals on name-brand items that are over stocked. I have gotten a great watch and scarf from this site. – remember, it’s not just for underwear! - A site I recently discovered...the dress pictured at the top is from this site! I always thought they just sold outdoorsy clothes and shoes...who knew they had cute dresses!? - can be expensive but they do have great end of season sales – Online shopping for brand names at discount prices. Not only clothing but also home d├ęcor, bedding, etc. This site is very user friendly. For instance, if you are looking for a dress or shoes you just put in your size and then they narrow the search for you. Also, for those of you who are Vera Bradley fans…up to 50% off retail prices! - this site is great because you can put all the brands in that you like and it will periodically send you emails (you decide how often) with deals (extra percentages off on already reduced prices) from great stores like Banana Republic, Old Navy or whatever store/brands you are interested in.

Many of the sites listed below have free shipping and free returns. Lots also have shoes for people with wider feet or hard to fit sizes. You can search my size width, color, style and many have reviews on the shoe that you are deciding upon.


For Makeup and beauty products: – name-brand makeup and beauty products for dirt cheap!! Sign up for a monthly email alerts!

For Giveaways and FREE stuff (makeup, bags, clothing, etc):
- I have won some free full-sized Redken hair products from this site!!

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Beverly said...

Hey Julie, I wanted to shop online and ran out of good sites to check out. So....I thought I'd check your blog because I just knew you'd have written about it. Thanks. Lucky me.

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