Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to have a "What Not to Wear" Party...or something like it

I have been asked by a fellow blogger to describe my "What Not to Wear" party that I hosted for my friends.  Great idea! 
First of all the focus was/is on helping women to look their best (classy) and not like the house Frau that they have become after having children.  You can still be a mom (either stay-at-home or working outside the home) and look put-together, classy and fashionable.  Even on a budget!!  
I invited ladies to my home that had expressed an interest in updating and working on their wardrobe. I sent an Evite and asked ladies to bring any outfits or accessories they had questions about or needed guidance on.   No one was asked to stand in a 360 degree mirror and I did not throw any clothing away.  There ended up being about 10 ladies in my living room. I had wine, fun music and light horsdouvres that I got from recipes from Clinton Kelly's hilarious book, "Freakin' Fabulous" of which I referred during the night for various style tips.  I hung outfits of my own around the room with accessories to show some examples.  Also I had out various styles of shoes, mainly flats to show that you don't (and shouldn't) be wearing your running shoes unless your are going running or working out!  You can be cute and comfy at the same time!   I had a handout with various tips of mine on style, what TO wear, essentials for every woman's (mom's) wardrobe, websites and stores I frequent, etc.  I also had a fun quiz that I made up using questions from various style/fashion websites.  Throughout the night I had raffles prizes that consisted of inexpensive fashion books and fashionista stationary. 
Since having this party over a year ago now I have had the opportunity to do so many other things.  I participated in a clothing swap with some of the same ladies that took part in the original party.   Basically you bring several nice pieces of clothing or accessories that you own but no longer wear or use and you swap them out for someone else's nice things.  I got two new pairs of shoes and a JCrew skirt out of it!
I also started doing some fashion consulting....basically going through friends closets and helping them figure out what goes with what, what goes for good and what accessories or items they need to fill in the blanks.    I hosted a Silpada Jewelry party and then co-hosted my Silpada rep's anniversary party by doing a bit on fashion, how to tie scarves and find fashion and accessories for less!  So much fun!
Now, if I can just start getting paid to do all of this, I'll be in business....literally!!


Cheryl said...

What a fab idea for a party! Oooh...can you come to my house and do a party? That'd be awesome - and you could throw out all my clothes!

Over from SITS

Mhel said...

Great job! Keep up the great work in helping out women how to stay pretty and gorgeous and most importantly how to be confident and comfy with themselves. Good luck on your career too... Dropping by from SITS!

jules1219 said...

Thanks so much for your support, SITs ladies! :)

Reagan said...

YEAH!!!! Thanks for doing this.

Carrie said...

And many of us who attended the WNTW party have really been trying hard to do better fashion-wise! And I think we are succeeding. As the beneficiary of Julie's closet assessment and shopping, I am more comfortable putting together outfits and finding fab pieces! I highly recommend her services!! (And no, I wasn't paid to say this ;)

jules1219 said...


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