Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I heart Summer Dresses

Anthropologie is having a SALE!  Their dresses are so pretty and eclectic looking.  Way too pricey for me at full-price but on SALE, not so bad.

Of course I always love OLD NAVY....great prices.  Just bought a peasant-looking dress there today....looks really cute belted with a skinny studded belt. Unfortunately they don't have it online so no picture available.  I love this dress BFF has it in navy and cute!

Also digging this white dress from Banana Republic

So many many sales!!!
Happy Shopping!


Reagan said...

A. I so wish I was a dress girl. These are fab!
B. I am grateful that you posted my button on your blog.
C. I love your blog!

jules1219 said...

A. you should try some on, you might just convert to being a "dress girl"
B. No problem

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