Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Product Review Monday....I mean Tuesday...sorry.

(vs AVEEDA Salon styling products)
Okay, so I'm one day late. (more than a dollar short, but oh well)

Got my FREE stuff in the mail from Lucky Breaks....I was more than excited to try out my new Fekkai hair products!!! I have used them twice now since receiving them and have mixed reviews.  I don't agree with the "ironless" title.  I wash my hair at night and then can wake up and having it looking pretty decent  in the AM. With other products I would have some frizzly ends and needed to use a curling/straight iron on them but with the Fekkai products my ends stayed frizz free but not pin straight.  I had a wave to my hair.  It has been rainy and humid too so I really put it to the test with this weather.  It does make my hair shiny and smooth (I especially like the serum after blow drying.) but does not keep it pin straight.  My next task will be to try the products and then use the straight iron and see if it lasts longer that way as opposed to using my "normal" grocery store products.  I am not convinced that my AVEEDA smooth infusion styling product that I get from my salon doesn't work better than these.  I'll keep ya posted.....

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