Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No excuse....

for ugly shoes.  Nothing ruins an outfit more than bad shoes (my pet peeve,as you followers know would be wearing running shoes/atheltic shoes with outfits other than workout gear).  Or, stated in a more positive manner, the shoes MAKE the outfit!!!
I am a shoe whore (sorry mom).  I admit it. I love finding the right sandals, flats, heels (kitten, stilletto, wedge, you name it), flip-flops, boots, etc to "make" the outfit.  Every time I hear the excuse, "I am on my feet all day/running after kids/have feet problems so I have to wear comfortable shoes." from women wearing their (grubby/ugly) running shoes, I cringe.  No excuse. There are too many cute "comfort" shoes out there now.  Two brands I love (more than Privo by Clarks, by the way) are J-41 and Jambu.  About 3 years ago I bought some J-41's for $80 (YIKES) and have worn them to the ground and have been trying to find a replacement pair for awhile.  Well.....I finally found some!!  I just picked up this very cute pair (pictured above) at DSW.   A member of their awards program for awhile now (free membership), I used a 30% off coupon along with my $10 off coupon.  So a shoe that normally costs up to $100 full priced....I got for $33!!! Wooohoooooo! SCORE!

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Reagan said...

Oh I agree! There are cute comfy shoes out there--just look ladies!

Before I was a mom on my feet all day I was a teacher on my feet all day. I wore Dansko and Born brand shoes like crazy--heels, boots, sandals--they have them all (and so do I).

The real problem is that cute comfy shoes are pricey and don't double for running/hiking!

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