Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black and Tan

Can it be done??  ......a black dress with tan shoes?

Absolutely!  Don't be afraid to mix black and brown....but do it RIGHT!  In order to rock this look you have to take in to account the style of the shoe, dress, accessories, etc.  Here are some neutral heels I am loving....

Nude/neutral shoes are really "in" right now and they are so great for us short people because they elongate the legs!!!!  The cool thing about black is that it is a neutral too, so it can go with every other color (or neutral) in the rainbow.  A tan or neutral looks great with gold accessories too.  Remember all metallics are NEUTRAL (and therefore go with everything) as well!

The other night I wore a this black dress has gold buttons (which you can really see in this pic too well) so I chose gold heeled sandals.  I have also worn this dress with black heeled sandals.  I decided after wearing it with the gold that I like it even better this way! (love these zebra chairs!!! sorry about the poor quality of photo, it was taken with my cell phone)

If you are going with a nude/tan/neutral shoe then the trick is to have it blend in as much with your skin tone.  Especially if you are wearing it with a dark color on top.  For instance I think a gold or nude heel works better than black when wearing a RED dress.  Vice versa, you can rock a red shoe with a black dress too! Here I am in that same black dress with the gold buttons and RED shoes.

But I digress.....
Here are a few more looks I found that prove that you can pair your LBD (little black dress) with a tan/nude shoe:


Carrie said...

what about nude/tan strapy sandals with gray pants? is that OK? I couldn't decide yesterday so chickened out and wore the black ones to be sure I didn't clash!

reagan said...

I did a post a few Fridays ago about mixing black and browns. I do it all the time! Saturday I wore a black skirt, a brown tank, a black and brown bib necklace and brown gladiators. I got more compliments than strange looks!

jules1219 said...

I think nude/tan would look fine with the gray carrie! But again, you would have to put them on with it first....and it depends on what you are wearing on the top too I think.

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