Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Momma loves a bargain!

I am excited to feature a friend today!!  I have known Monica since high school and she has recently started an online business selling clothing on Facebook
Here is a little bit more about her....

There is no better feeling (for me a mother of 4, former Gap, Macy’s, BeBe, Nordstoms, Banana Republic shopper) than just picking up a little “Drive By” warm Fuzzy for myself at Target. Just a blouse or dress. Something new, inexpensive and accessible! Nothing I loathe more than schlepping my kids in the Mall! Ugh. Anyways, sometimes Costco even suffices! It has become more fun to dress my kids! But Mama likes the fashions too! Time, money and motivation has been working against me! I recently bought some beautiful affordable items from another Mother( like me) on Facebook and I loved them. Getting them in the mail, was even better. It takes so little for us Mommies to get a pick me up!
So in this state of mind I realized I gotta do this myself. In my taste, and the things I love but maybe don’t wear. I always have had to make concessions. But IF the price was right, maybe I could buy different (maybe I wouldn’t have got for me) things! I found an awesome and affordable wholesaler and threw my hat in the ring! It is a bit challenging overcoming the “what if it doesn’t fit, I am afraid to buy online objection”-but my prices are sooo affordable and I am willing to work with people. I post the size charts and the items I sell are relatively true to size. I am also providing the Plus size items. Wow! Talk about a frenzy???? The plus size shoppers are so excited!
I try to pick unique, fun, funky fashion. Seasonal. My shipping is $5.00 no matter how much you order-so that keeps the bottom line down as well. Everyone has been so receptive and supportive-I am having a blast. And I look good doing it!

I bought this cute dress....

And these two cute cocktail rings....

Here are some more pics of the items that she is selling!!  So cute and affordable!  She is very prompt with shipping and all of the shipping is only $5!!!! Cannot beat this!

Yes....momma does love a bargain!!! 
Happy online shopping!!!!

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Elle Sees said...

Ah she needs an Etsy or something. I don't have a FB.

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