Thursday, June 17, 2010

One-shoulder dress and cocktail rings

I have been searching for a one-shoulder dress that is flattering to my body to no avail.  It seems all of them in this style are straight-skirted on the bottom half....and I am not!  So I need to find one with a flouncy or A-line skirted bottom and a cinched waist.
Well, I MAY have just found a winner at Francesca's....yes, I know, again with the Francesca's. But their pieces are just so cute and affordable and seem to fit me perfectly, I am going to try this one out and return with a review once I receive it.   (I am hoping it is not as short on me as the girl in the pic...probably not a problem since I am on the short side.)
Isn't it cool?!

Secondly, the cocktail ring.  I went out on Saturday night with some friends and two of us had on cocktail rings.  I wore this sparkly flower one from Cache.

The funny thing is that a woman at another table had on a really cute cocktail ring and we were admiring it and then she came over to our table to admire our rings.  We bonded about our big rings! And the wonderful thing about this trend is that you can find them for so cheap.  I think I paid $12 for mine.  She paid $8 for hers at Steinmart (love that place, wish we had one closer) and said it was worth it to buy it even if she only wore it once! Hers was an enameled flower one sort of like this but in black...

These rings usually have a sort of stretchy bang so that they are adjustable and one size fits all. Super cute!

Happy shopping!


Elle Sees said...

i need a summer! lol

BarelyVogue said...

love the combo.
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