Friday, July 16, 2010

Another review and an update.....e.l.f. makeup and the "shabby apple" dress

Was at Target perusing the makeup aisles and came across the e.l.f. line of cosmetics.
DUDE, they are super cheap.  Decided to try the eyeliner which came WITH a sharpener for only $1. Yes, that's a DOLLAR folks!!!  PLUS got a pack of three lip glosses for only $3 (that's a dollar a-piece!)  SWEET!   Love the glosses as they are in a click-up brush form.  They are not sticky and the colors are just right.  Great find!

On a less positive note.... I received my shabby apple dress (from this post) today only to find that the fit is just not right for me.  I still LOVE the website though and will try again with something else!


Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

Target rocks!

Happy SITS Saturday!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

Stick with it - Shabby Apple dresses are so great once you find the right fit!

jules1219 said...

I am not giving up on it yet!

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