Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review - Nail Polish

I decided to branch out of my pink, coral and red nail polish colors this summer and try some fun ones.  I recently got a pedicure and chose a pale lavendar color that I loved.  Well, I branched even further and with the help of my boys (6 and 7.5 years old now) chose a bright yellow polish to try at home.   The polish I chose was Sally Hansen Inta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Lightening Creme.  I struggled with this from the first brush stroke.  The result was a streaky, gloppy mess.   The brush is extremely wide - too wide for my tiny toenails. I tried to use one more coat to "fix" it up but it was just making it worse. A disaster.  I had to remove all the polish (an equally messy job) and apply my trusty Revlon "Craving Coral" color instead.  I have not given up on branching out on different colors (maybe mint green next!?) but I have given up on SH quick-dry polishes. 

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