Friday, January 28, 2011

Can't get jeans!

There are several things in my life/makeup bag/wardrobe that I cannot get enough of.   Kisses from my husband and sons (life),  lip gloss and mascaras (makeupbag) and purses, scarves, jewerly, SHOES and blue jeans (wardrobe).  This post will focus on the BLUE JEANS.  I have so many pairs that I cannot even count them although really I have been living in about 3 of the dark wash skinny jeans this winter as they look so great tucked into my black or brown riding boots.  They even look cute on warmer days with flats.  I still pull out some bootcuts every now and then though.  I have some Calvin Kliens from Costco that I LOVE that I wear every now and then.  In summer I pull out the cropped pair that I found from Eddie Bauer that fit just right.... 

It seems I am always searching for the perfect pair that is going to make me look and feel skinny. (aren't we all)  I really love the Forever Skinny jeans from GAP.  (ooooo, right now they are on SALE but only left in 00). As with most GAP jeans/pants they come in lengths so if you are petite or tall you can order the right length for you.  Unfortunately it looks from their website as if they are changing this over to the "Always Skinny" jean - which I have not tried on so not sure of the fit there.  I have trouble because my waist is a lot smaller than my hips so I have to look for jeans for "curvy" women.  Fortunately, these days lots of brands are now making jeans just for this body type!!! Eddie Bauer, Loft, Banana Republic, etc.  One brand of jeans I am anxious to try is the Levi's Curve.....they have levels of curve  - from slight to demi to bold (that's me!).  I am ordering these (pictured above) and will let you know how they measure up!

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