Friday, October 28, 2011

break out the scarves and boots!

It's my favorite time of year....FALL!
Love the change of seasons from Summer to Fall and with the turning of the leaves comes the turning over of my closet from fun flats and riding layered sweaters and scarves. 
I have to say that dressing in the summer is much easier - throw on a sundress and your done!
With fall it is more complicated for me and adds a bit more prep time to coordinate all of the accessories.
I find that I have my go-to camis and tops and I change up the shoe/scarf/blazer/jacket/sweater that I pair it with.
When going to a fall fest this past weekend I would say that 85% of the women were sporting the skinny jean and boot look.  And I have to say it looks good on every body type.
Here was my look last weekend.

Leather Jacket (Esprit), Scarf (Fossil), Jeans (Levi's CurveID), Aviator Sunglasses (Francesca's), Earrings (Francesca's)

Happy Shopping and Happy Fall! :)

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