Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cargos, shoes and more from Eddie Bauer

My husband brought in the mail today with the statement, "Must be catalog Saturday!" We did receive quite a few of which was the new Spring, Eddie Bauer. I am loving EB lately. A few of my favorite pairs of jeans are EB. Their pants have several different "fits"....Vashon (straight), Blakely (curvy), etc. I am eyeing their cargo pants and shorts for spring/summer. Have not purchased cargo's from them before so I don't know how they run but I am tempted to try them out!

Oh, and we can't for get their SHOES! They have one of my favorite brands of shoes for kicking-around-at-the-playground-with-the-kids, J-41. A bit pricey, but as much wear as I get out of them - all spring and summer long - they might be worth it. I have a pair for maryjane-type brown and pink ones (I don't think they make them anymore) that are similar to the ones below but not as many straps.

And how cute is this skirt!?!? It looks a-line but not too voluminous on the bottom. As much as I love a floaty skirt, they just do not look good on this one looks to have the right cut....I'll let you know!

I'm so digging this necklace.
And to continue my scarf obssession....this one in "salsa"(which would just match the shoes that I bought a few weeks ago in the same color!).


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I have to tell you that the skirt you posted a photo of is absolutely lovely. I had no idea that Eddie Bauer had a fashionable line for women. Helps me to look at their brand in a whole new light. Thank you!

What are their prices like? Have you been happy?


PS: Thanks for the Wenda support!

jules1219 said...

I think the prices are reasonable. Quality and price seem to match up. That skirt is $59.50. So not cheap but not over the top expensive either.

Hayleigh said...

Awesome selection.!! I will certainly visit Eddie Bauer to take a look.

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