Saturday, February 28, 2009

Underneath and with jackets

A friend of mine just sent me a question and I thought that I'd share it and my answers with you all.

C's Question:
Hi Julie -
Well, I went shopping this morning and bought a couple "jackets" because they are cute and were a good price. BUT I have no idea what to wear under them! What would you advise wearing under them?


Here are the pieces:

My answer:
First of all, I love the jacket!!! I had a bit of trouble with the black sweater/cardigan/jacket. It is hard to see but it has big buttons, looks to be scoop neck and 3/4 length sleeved. And how long is it? Without that info though I still would do the following:

I would wear a T-shirt or tank/cami underneath either of them. You can go with a printed one or a bright color or just white but if you go white you want some color in another part of your outfit (an accessory like shoes or a scarf/purse). The ones below are on sale for $10 from GAP:

I would wear some accessories with them to jazz it up…..See the scarf below (same one from Eddie Bauer that I was eyeing earlier today ;) and how it is knotted at the neck?:

The sweater (if, in fact it is a sweater) I would wear with a few buttons closed (not the top button but maybe the middle two?) Like this pic:

As for what to wear on your bottom half (even though you didn't ask! ;)….

Since neither the jacket nor sweater are very fitted I would go with something fitted on your bottom half….either pants (like the once above) or jeans.

Or a casual pencil skirt like this one from for $24.50:

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