Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have I mentioned...

that I love Victoria's Secret catalog/online?? I cannot stop buying their stuff. I seriously need to stay away from their's like me and Target, if I go there I have to buy something for myself that I did not intend on buying in the first place....and can't spend less than $100!!!

Anyway, I love their bra tops and bra-top dresses. Their Marisa fit pants do well on me and come in lengths so I can choose the 30" inseam. And today I purchased the CUTEST pair of sandals. I have several pairs of Colin Stuart shoes and love them all. Cannot wait 'til spring to wear these!!!! (By the way, I got the brown and pink ones pictured on the top. ;)


TcH said...

oh those are SO CUTE.

so how do you find that VS clothes run? I get so nervous buying online
are they true to size?
how do they compare to Old Navy? B/c you know Old Navy is MY place.

jules1219 said...

I think they run true to size. I am small on top (like 2/4 and big on bottom but short so 10 petite). I love their T-shirts and tanks too...they last me longer than old navy and are a bit thicker material. Hope that helps!

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