Monday, February 9, 2009

Off the beaten path

There are some catalogs and websites that I really love that are "off the beaten path".

Love this catalog and website:

They have really quality apparel and shoes. Love that they have petite length in a yoga pant. More expensive but great fitting and quality will last a long time.

AWESOME catalog and website. I love their bags. I have one of their "haiku messenger bags" (shown above) that is perfect for summertime when I have the boys with me. I don't need a diaper bag anymore but need to carry drinks and snacks for them if we are out for the day. This has two pockets that just fit two straw/sippy cups or small bottles of water. The inside compartment is waterproof as well as the inside of the flap that folds down. I use the side pockets by the straps to hold cell phone in one and sunglasses in the other.

This one may not seem like it's "off the path" but most people wouldn't think to look for shoes and accessories here. I love their jewelry and shoes.

My sister-in-law got me started on this store. Things can be pricey but they have a killer sale. They have eclectic items that you don't see in other stores. Also items their items for the home are really neat too.

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