Monday, February 9, 2009

Shoes, glorious shoes!

A great shoe can make an outfit, no question. Shoes can be comfortable and fashionable too. A brand I like is "Privo" but Clarks. I wear a lot of flats in the spring....when it's a bit too cold for sandals or flip-flops but too warm for your winter boots.

Some of my favorite websites for shoes are... They have a great rewards program and send $10 off coupons often. They also have cool promotions like if you spend $50 you get a free bag/purse. One of my favorite bags is my big silver bag (my husband calls it my "space bag" as in outer space...but I love it!) that I acquired through a promotion like that. The store has a great selection but if you can't find your size go online. Right now they have a free shipping on orders from $25 if you are a DSW rewards member. See the site for the code. Another great one....can be pricey but I go straight the to the clearance section. I like that you can sort by what you are looking for and your size. For instance I put in "red heels" and that is just what came up for me to browse through! This site is an affiliate of Banana Republic, GAP and Old Navy and you can buy online from all of these stores and put into your shopping bag by using their handy tabs at the top.

Other good ones: - free shipping & free returns! - $5 flat rate shipping on first pair and $1 each additional pair...right now 50% off on all sandals! - free shipping & free returns!

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