Monday, August 9, 2010

I heart InStyle!

As you know from previous posts I am cutting back on my clothing spending so that we can save for a few bigger ticket items (couch, car, computer....).  Well, my favorite magazine of all time, INSTYLE must have received the memo and felt sorry for me..... on my doorstep today I received a package which contained an Eileen Fisher cardigan (for FREE!!!!) to thank me for being an "Instyle Trendsetter".  Whooeeee, I love it!  Being said "trendsetter", I and do some product sampling and reviews (most recently a new toothpaste (Colgate Pro-clinical which, by the way, I love!) and fill out the occasional survey.  So worth the little time and effort it takes to do this.  What fun!  Thanks ROCK!

Soon I am off to enjoy a week at the beach with my immediate and extended family! Our annual trek to the beach....can't wait to run my toes through the sand.  You can bet I am bringing all of my sundresses and linen pants....maybe I'll throw in my new cardi for chilly nights on the Jersey shore! ;)
Happy Shopping and Happy Summer all!


Askew To You said...

Score! What do you think of the sweater?

jules1219 said...

the fabric (cashmere) is wonderful. However the shape of the sweater is boxy and not one I would normally buy (and NEVER for $300!!!) however I think I can make it work on my body if I belt it!

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