Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love her style!

As you probably know Prince William finally popped the question to his girlfriend of 7 years.  I love that she's a "commoner" and that she is CLASSY as all get out!  Her style is simple and chic.
She can rock the wrap dress (which, I believe I have stated before, is an essential piece to every woman's wardrobe).

Her classic brown riding boots....PERFECT.....gotta have them!

And her "royal" blue dress that she wore yesterday when they announced their engagement is so pretty and ultra-flattering for most every figure.

Of course she can also rock the hat like no other....I'm hoping this trend will take off here in the states!!  Maybe I'll start it....

You know what though....I think she can use a little help in the shoe department.  Let's branch out from the conservative black pump, why don't we?   (And are those *gasp* nude hose she is wearing in the photo with Wills???)  Did you see the interview with the two of them on the news last night?  So cute, I want an english accent....  Only a brit can get away with saying things like "we had a giggle". Love it!

I cannot wait to see the dress she wears for the wedding. I was one of the many little girls that woke up early to see Lady Diana in her pouffy dress walk down the aisle. 
Ooooo, and what color will the bridesmaids wear?   
I love a wedding! 

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