Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is coming, spring is coming...

We have had a few warmer days here in northern VA and it is making me anxious to start wearing pretty sundresses again.  Speaking of sundresses - I ordered my first dress from Anthropologie and it arrived yesterday. I LOVE IT!  I don't have a pic of me wearing it but it is this one:
It has such a different whimsical pattern on it.  Perfect for an upcoming baby shower I may be attending or for Easter.  The neckline is so different than anything I had ever seen - almost like origami or something. Really neat.  And I also purchased this necklace:

The ribbon threaded throughout is the same exact color as the sash on the dress. I had not even bought it to intentionally go with the dress but it is a really great match.  The large chain adds a nice juxtaposition from the sweetness of the dress.
Can't wait to wear my new springtime purchases!!!!


Elle Sees said...

i wanna wear girlie dresses and twirl!!

Meg said...

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Cupcake's Mommy said...

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